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> Songwriting 22 -  Review

> Songwriter-Concert in live stream

> ready: In Dialogue - Change

> Europe Spirit feat. Paul Douglas - Let Peace Be Strong

> no:la - BANGS -  Single

> SYZU - „Wie geht Freiheit"

> Mathilde Dionnet - A portée d'espoir

> Spirit'n'Jazz: „Miss Information"

> No.1 at hr-4: Clemens Bittlinger - 25 weeks

> Church PA - new reference: Gedaechtnis-Church Speyer/D

> CD-Mastering special

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- Songwriting 22 !  - Review                     

- supported by Baden-Württemberg-Stiftung „Nouveaux Horizons".

The tenth edition of international Songwriting has again been fanstastic. 27 authors met online and live
at Liebfrauenberg Castle / Goersdorf/F and have written and recorded about 30 new songs. Pictures and mp3s will be online here soon. Watch the space ...

Concert: On the 15th of October there will be a hybrid concert streamed live from Strasbourg/F and Bretten/Germany with contributions from Birmingham/UK, Liverpool/UK, St.Gallen/CH and Barr/I.

- Songwriter-Concert: „Peace is strong"

The international hybrid concert of the "Europe Spirit Songwriters" will be streamed online on Saturday, 15 October at 7 pm. This concert will be peformed live in parallel events in Strasbourg/France and Bretten/Germany and there will be video contributions from Birmingham and Liverpool as well as from St. Gallen/CH and Acri/I.

In July, musicians from the UK, France, Germany and Switzerland met at the Château du Liebfrauenberg in France to write new songs. This year, due to the topicality of the issue, they chose the theme "Peace is Strong". The results were recorded on site with mobile recording studio equipment and can be found here
>>>. Now some of these songs will also be presented live at the concerts.

The audience can expect a programme with current songs, profound lyrics and authentic musical performance. The atmosphere at the seminar is characterised by cooperation and team spirit that knows no national borders. This spirit is evident at the concert. The Europe Spirit Songwriting is conducted by Paul Douglas from Birmingham, who has been doing music projects and CD productions in cooperation with European partners since 1993. With the formation Spirit'n'Jazz they achieved radio placements worldwide.

Europe Spirit Songwriting is supported by the German Baden-Württemberg Foundation in the
Nouveaux Horizons programme. Further support comes from the Conference of Churches on the Rhine, the Conference of European Churches, the Josef David Foundation and some Lions Clubs. - Streaming at 7 pm here: >>>

- Ready:  In Dialogue - Change

Ready to go: Two songwriters from the Europe Spirit Seminar have formed the project In Dialogue. They have been working on an album with 14 tracks which will be published on the 07.11.2022. And on the 7th of October they will first release a Double-Single! This will contain the album title track Change as well as the song Peace of Mind.

With this first single the title song Change is featured, and thematically this song is top relevant. The lyrics are about the many changes that are currently a worldwide topic. In Dialogue approach the necessity of these changes very personally. Musically, this track is a piano ballad that captures the drama of the topic in emotions with orchestral elements.

However, this single is a double single with actually two A-sides. The second track, "Peace of Mind," talks about the seriousness of our relationships, making it a counterpart to "Change" both lyrically and musically. With guest guitarist Derek Crehan (Spirit'n'Jazz) from Nottingham, there are hints of Blues, although the singer-songwriter style clearly remains dominant. In terms of content, In Dialogue are sure that relationships also have something to do with our world as a whole and make a significant contribution to change.

Acoustic music, strong lyrics and a voice you won't forget ... Save the date! ... 07.10.2022 ... And In Dialogue on Instagram: >>> - Smart-Link: >>>

- Europe Spirit feat. Paul Douglas - Let Peace Be Strong

The title track of Jontahn Boettcher's recent album Lass Frieden werden" with the english version „Let peace be strong", co-written and interpreted by Paul Douglas has got several versions in other languages. The songs in French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Norwegian, Swiss German, Hebrew and more are now published online als singles. Preview at . The CD is available at       

- no:la - BANGS                         

Next Release from the team of Europe Spirit Songwriters comes from
no:la. This Band around the singer-songwriter Nola Fuchs delivers strong and interesting rhythms, fresh sounds and an authentic and expressive voice. It is cool a kind of Triphop-Indie from Leipzig/Germany. You can find the video on Youtube here >>> and the single on Spotify >>>

- SYZU - „What is Freedom?"

She has been to the Europe-Spirit-Songwriting-Seminar several times and through the years she developped her personality in terms of singing as well as instrumental capabilities and style. She has been in the studio for recording- and mixing-sessions and she also recorded some additional tracks with guest-musicians at Leipzig. The title-song „Wie geht Freiheit" is absolutely hot in terms of lyrics and music. Now her EP is released on all big streaming-platforms on 07.05.2022. - More of SYZU:  >>>

- Mathilde Dionnet - A portée d'espoir

At Europe Spirit Songwriting 2020 she was running the "Mont-Blanc-Studio" and now releases her first EP: "A portée d'espoir". Strong songs with moving lyrics and a very personal touch characterize her style. The CD was produced by Thomas Hurter in Strasbourg with contributions from Paul Douglas/Birmingham/UK and songwriters from Germany. Not only the title gives hope. - All info: >>>

> Spirit'n'Jazz: „Miss Information" and more

The new single "Miss Information" is online, here on Spotify >>>. Spirit'n'Jazz once again put their finger on a very topical issue and cleverly play on the temptation of conspiracy theories. Informations and Preview: >>>  - A new album has been in the pipeline for quite some time and is expected to appear in 2023.

Already on 27.09.2021, the newly reissued single "Treasure" was re-released, with which the 2008 stock market crash was predicted half a year earlier. The topic is no less relevant today and the band hopes that they will not be proved right again. Now on Spotify:

After the last available CDs of Spirit'n'Jazz "Can you see...?" and "Where are you?" reached astronomical prices in web-shops, it was obvious to re-release these productions digitally worldwide. The CD "Can you see...?" has been remastered and now sounds even more transparent. Spirit'n'Jazz offer quotations from big world religions for each piece to point out commonalities. Info:
>>> - All tracks can be found on the major platforms: i-Tunes, Spotify, Amazon, Napster, Deezer ... Here on Spotify: >>>

- No.1 at hr-4 hit parade: Clemens Bittlinger

For 25 weeks Clemens Bittlinger has been on No.1 of the German national radio hr-4 hit parade with the song "Creature With Wings" >>>. The CD "Lend Me Your Wings" containing this song was produced by David Pluess and mastered by Gunter Hauser at DH Records. The sound almost falls out of line when you listen to the music of the competitors. And the lyrics speak for themselves, of course. That an angel-song has been in the charts from Christmas to Easter - that's somehow heavenly. - More information:

- Church PA - new reference: Gedaechtnis-Church Speyer/D

The lastest project in church PA is very interesting. The complex acoustics of the big Gedaechtnis-Church in Speyer got a new PA which delivers speach intellegibility and music perfectly. And this huge und high quality system was realized at a very interesting price point. More: >>>

- CD-Mastering special

DH Records is offering special high quality CD-Mastering including mix-advice! Finishing a CD is all about best sound possible, not just maximum loudness. A quality mastering needs a lot of experience and the painstaking application of the most suitable tools for each individual recording. Here you get convincing dynamics and individually chosen EQ instead of automated standard presets. And this service includes high profile advice for your mixes - if you want.

More information: >>>

Recent productions:

- Clemens Bittlinger: Macht uns Mut

- Christian Grote:  2 is besser

- Heiko Bräuning - Troubadur 2

- Heiko Bräuning - Troubadur

- Clemens Bittlinger - Mensch, sing mit 3
- Sam Stauffer - All the way to your door
- Andrea Grimm + MarieLuise Zubruegg: D'Muesli 3

- Eugen Eckert - Wie frisches Wasser
- Yves Dobler - solo instrumental

- Lanick - Pop+Chansons/CH 

- Andrea Grimm + MarieLuise Zubruegg: Wiehnachts-Erinnerige

- Clemens Bittlinger: Leih mir deine Fluegel - Nr.1 at hr4

- Andrea Grimm + MarieLuise Zubruegg: D'Muesli 2

- SYZU - Wie geht Freiheit

- Clemens Bittlinger: Bleibe in Verbindung (Gerth-Medien)
- MarieLuise Zubruegg + Andrea Grimm: D'Muesli

- Sven Falk Band: EP
- Jonathan Boettcher: Lass Frieden werden (Herder)
- Roland Schindler: Peace of Mind
- Bettina Alms: Himmlische Floetenklaenge
- Sam Stauffer: Dust of time
- Fulbert Steffensky + Martin Schmidt: Begnadet
- David Pluess: Canon del Silencio (Brunnen-Verlag)

- Anselm Grün + C.Bittlinger: Herr, kehre ein (

- Gebrüder Hugetobeler: Mal hie, mal dert

- Daniel Imboden: Ganz zu dir

- Andrea Grimm: Heilig

- David Plüss: Hoffnungsklänge (Brunnen-Verlag)

- Jonathan Böttcher: Engel-Lieder (Herder)

- Clemes Bittlinger: Öffnet den Kreis

- Joerg Streng: Über Grenzen gehen

- David Plüss: Zauber des Winters (Brunnen-Verlag)

- Clemens Bittlinger: Wir sind eine Familie (Single)

- Christian Grote: 2 is besser

- Anselm Grün + Clemens Bittlinger  (

- Matthias Brauchli: At Your Word

- Silence: Psalms -  Schweizer Indie-Folk-Pop

- David Plüss: Tanz in den Morgen (Brunnen-Verlag)

- Jonathan Böttcher: Wir sind Freunde  - >>> webshop

- David Plüss: Meer der Farben (Brunnen-Verlag)

- Clemens Bittlinger: Unerhört

- Clemens Bittlinger: Jesus & Yoga

- Thorsten Waap: Schokolade

- Bärbel Kunz: Shalom Alejchem

- Andrea Grimm: Toif I mir

- Beyond Voices     

- Clemens Bittlinger: Mensch Jesus  - Herder-Verlag >>>     

- Christian Grote: Der will nur spielen

- Jonathan Boettcher: Deine Liebe lebt  - >>> webshop     

- Bettina Alms: Himmlische Aussichten - Kawohl-Verlag >>>     

- Clemens Bittlinger: Urknall und Sternenstaub - Herder-Verlag   >>>       

- Jonathan Boettcher: In der Stille der Nacht - >>> webshop

>  eNews archives

- YouVent 2017 title-song: "Du schreibst Geschichte"

The county youth meeting YouVent of the Protestant Church in Baden/Germany ( has taken place in october 2017 in Bretten/Germany. To the theme "Du schreibst Geschichte / You are writing history" there was a title-song being produced at DH Records with singer-songwriter Laura M. Hauser. Laura gave a catchy melody to this latin rock-song with deep lyrics. You can listen here:  >>>

- Protestants 2017 - Theme-Song: "Vive la fraternité"

This is possibly the most radio-compatible theme song for a church event ever. Kevin Rashko from Strasbourg and Laura M.Hauser from Heidelberg are presenting Vive le moment ... Vive la fraternité.  This song was created by a group of European songwriters meeting each year at Chateau du Liebfrauenberg at Goersdorf/F.  Have a listen here:  >>>   

- Chris Brandon No.1 at Amazon USA with „Rhineland to Graceland"

Rhineland To Graceland" appeared in August 2017 with lyrics by Ryan Presley, a relevant of Elvis, and Chris Brandon singing this song. Produced and recorded by Gunter Hauser at DH-Records. „Rhineland to Graceland" reached No.1 at Amazon USA and No.2 at Amazon Germany in „Contemporary Folk".

- Top placements  for Spirit'n'Jazz

In 2008/09 Spirit'n'Jazz has achieved some exceptional placements with tracks from their CD "Can you see…?" For 30 months different tracks from the CD "Can you see…?" have been in the Top 10 of "World´s Cool Jazz" in Florida. After "Yule Tied" had been on No.1 for 18 weeks, "Do You Feel It" directly followed for 12 weeks. "China Sunrise" has been the third No.1 in April/May 09 before "Information Politics" went to No.1 at WCJZ in Oct. 09.

Three further No.1 placements appeared on until December 2008 by the tracks "Voice of Reason" and "Information Politics" in their various forum-charts.

At Radio QFM Tenerife "Treasure" has been on No.1 for four weeks and "Two" and "Life Dance" both went up to No. 2 in spring 2010.  All together there have been eight No.1 placements of Spirit'n'Jazz-tracks in 2008/09/10 backed up by more top ten positions.

In January to May 2011 Spirit'n'Jazz have been placed on No. 2 and 3 of the album charts for Nu-Jazz at On Coast-FM in Gosford/Sydney/Australia the track „Where are you?" has been in the "Top 2010". And at QFM Tenerife „Yule Tied" from the CD „Can you see...?" has been amongst the „all time favourites" of chilled jazz tracks.

- Spirit'n'Jazz on German Radio SWR 2, HR 2 and Deutschlandfunk Berlin

German National Radio programmes combining tracks from "Spirit'n'Jazz" with valued classics. SWR2 has played "So you got hope" next to works of Franz Schubert and W.A. Mozart. And HR2 has combined the track "Time with Laura" with works of Ludwig van Beethoven and Georg Friedrich Händel in one programme hour and is continually playing this track in their standard repertoire.

Similarly Deutschlandfunk Berlin has combined "TWO" by Spirit'n'Jazz and Mozart´s "Requiem d-minor" performed by the Berlin Philharmonics Orchestra conducted by Herbert von Karajan together in one programme called "Corso" on the 10.07.2010. And the track "TWO" is in their standard program.

DH Records says "Thank you" for the implicit valuation. 

Playlist SWR2 >>> - Playlist HR2 >>>   - Playlist Deutschlandfunk >>>

- Interviews in Amsterdam, Berlin, Sydney, San Francisco ...

A two hour live show has been broadcast in Amsterdam in February 2010 with Gunter Hauser interviewed by Marjoleine Leene in the Jazzcorner of RTV Amstelveen. A cut of the two hour programme you can find here: >>> mp3

On the 16th of June 2010 there has been an interview on Coast FM 963 in Gosford/Sydney in Australia. >>> mp3

Interview Deutschlandfunk Berlin to Treasure (17.11.08):  >>>   mp3

More interviews have been produced for Ric Mancuso´s `Nighttracks´ at KMHD/Gresham/OR/USA and for Gallery 41 in San Francisco with Ron Pelletier.

- Print Interview in YouMeU Magazine

The Lifestyle magazine "YouMeU" for Austria/Germany/Swiss has interviewed Gunter Hauser from Spirit'n'Jazz. The result was a six page portrait in German: >>> pdf: YOUMEU_4_2010-SnJ  -  700 kB

- The weightiest CD-review comes from Florida

It´s been Florida again, where the CD "Can you see…?" had been good for five No.1s at World´s Cool Jazz. But this time it was Alan Olmstead, experienced Jazz-programmer from WXJZ, who has done a very nice review of „Where are you?":  „Clean and simple contemporary jazz with a European flair featuring the delightfully innocent vocal style of Leyla Tugal... reminiscent of Astrud Gilberto in the 60's." - Alan Olmstead, Kaleidophonic Jazz, WXJZ-FM, Gainesville, Florida, USA. - All reviews so far: >>>

- CD „Where are you?" from Spirit'n'Jazz

With their previous CD "Can you see…?" Spirit'n'Jazz achieved critical acclaim and high radio rotations as well as five number 1s in radio charts (4 x World´s Cool Jazz in Florida, 1 x QFM Tenerife). Therefore, there was a lot of pressure for the next production. Because All About Jazz in Italy had titled their review "Jazz goes Pop goes Jazz" it was logical to give the new CD a very high standard of studio production whilst, at the same time, retaining the improvisational style of the music. The two pre-releases from the new CD "Where are you?": title track "Where are you?" and "Treasure" spontaneously went into the Top 10 of QFM Tenerife (No. 1+ 2) followed by "Two" and "Life Dance" on No. 2 and No. 7 in November 09. - more information >>>    Info-pdf >>>

- Spirit'n'Jazz Interview on „D-Radio Kultur", Berlin

It took seven months until an interview with Spirit'n'Jazz to the Christian-Islamic dialogue produced by Thilo Guschas has been broadcasted. This Interview shows, how easy and positive this dialogue between Christians and Muslims can be. Without any suspicion, fear and hostility, but with many commonalities, especially in ethics, and a big hospitality.  - The interview in German (07.02.2009 D-Radio Kultur) as an mp3: >>>

- Single "Treasure" on No.1 at QFM Tenerife

In November 08 Spirit'n'Jazz have been releasing a Single that addressed the global financial crisis. And this has jumped on No.1 straight away at QFM Tenerife/Spain and stayed there for four weeks.

The single track "Treasure" was created in March 2008 and it was right on the theme of speculative operations and the acute international situation happening in October 2008. Further information: >>>

- Spirit'n'Jazz on airplays worldwide:

With 90 radio stations from Australia to California and good reviews Spirit'n'Jazz have gained international recognition.  Still in 2022 they are played on QFM Tenerife in their „all time favourites".   -  more >>>

- Blue Lake Public Radio, Twin Lake, MI, USA

- Boise State Radio, Boise, ID, USA

- Gallery 41, San Francisco, CA, USA, interview

- GTown-Radio, Philadelphia, PA, USA, Anderson Taped"

- KBCS 91.3 FM, "Bright Moments", Seattle, WA, USA

- KCCK FM Jazz 88.3, Cedar Rapids, IA, USA

- KEOS 89.1 FM, College Station, TX, USA, on rotation

- KFUO Classic FM 99, St. Louis, MO, USA, „I love Jazz"

- KIOS FM, Omaha, NE, USA

- KJAZZ 88.1FM, Long Beach, CA, USA

- KKHi 101.9 FM, Denver, CO, USA, „Music Beyond Words" interview

- KMHD, Gresham, OR, USA, "Nighttracks", interview, „Saturday Night Jazz"

- KUT FM, Austin, TX, USA, review

- KUVO Radio, Denver, CO, USA, "Drive Time Jazz"

-, St Louis, MO, USA, „I love Jazz", standard program

- Point of Departure, Damascus, MD, USA

- Sirius Satellite Radio, Los Angeles, CA, USA

- Smooth Jazz Excursion, Springfield, IL, USA

-, SoundTraxx with Mark Stanley

- Voice of America, New York, NY, USA

- WAER 88.3, Syracuse / Central New York, USA, on rotation

- WCJZ, World´s Cool Jazz, Largo, FL, USA, on rotation + 5 x No. 1

- WCVF FM, Fredonia, NY, USA, "General Eclectic"

- WEMU FM, Ypsilanti, MI, USA

- WICB FM, Ithaca, New York, USA

- WPFW Radio, Washington, USA

- WPKN FM, Bridgeport, CT, USA, standard program

- WPKM FM, Montauk, NY, USA, standard program

- WSCA FM, Portsmouth, NH, USA, standard program

- WSIE 88.7 FM, Edwardsville, IL , USA

- WTJU, Radio Virginia, Charlottesville/Virginia, USA

- WUCF-FM 89,9, Orlando, FL, USA

- WVST FM, Richmond, VA, USA, „Just Jazz"

- WXJZ-FM Gainesville, Florida, USA, Alan Olmstead: „Kaleidophonic Jazz"

- Urgent.FM, Gent, Belgium, „worldservice"

- RTV Amstelveen, Amsterdam, Netherlands, „Jazz Corner", 2 h feature

- Radio Hoogeveen, Hoogeveen, Netherlands, "Afterdinnerjazz"

- Rosa FM 107.6, Vleuten, Netherlands „Softandsmooth", DJ The Fonz

- Reddog Medias, Paris, France "Jazz on Air"

- Radio Bangkok, Asia Radio Now, Bangkok, Thailand

- Art Sound FM, Canberra, Australia, standard program

- PBS 106,7 FM, Melbourne, Australia, standard program + recommended CD

- Coast FM 96,3, Gosford/Sydney, Australia, „Jazz Vibes" interview + TOP 2010

- Coral Coast Radio, Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia

- Radio Jazz Plus, Montreal, Canada, standard program

- Sky Jazz Radio, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, standart program

-, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, "high rotation"

- Punto Radio Cascina, Pisa, Italy, "Anima Jazz"

- Radio Nova, Sardegna, Italy, „The House of Blues", recommended  CD

- RDP Antena 2, Lisbon, Portugal, "Jazz Com Brancas" - 1 h programme

- RUM 97,5 Braga/Porto, Portugal, Baile dos Bombeiros

- QFM, Tenerife, Spain, on „high rotation", Top 10 + "all time favourites"

- Aeropuerto Jazz Cafe, Gran Canaria, Spain, recommended CD

- Canal Extremadura Radio, Badajos, Spain

- El Club de Jazz, Pamplona, Spain

- FM 101,7 Sevilla, Spain, „Jazz en el aire"

- Jazz-Radio FM, San Pedro de Alcántara, Málaga, Spain

- Radio Jazz International, Bole, Swiss

- Deutschlandradio Berlin, Germany, "Tonart: Lounge"

- Deutschlandradio Berlin, Deutschland, "Corso", Interview „Treasure"

- Deutschlandfunk Berlin, "Campus"

- D-Radio Kultur Berlin, "Religionen", Interview intercultural dialogue

- EMS-Vechte-Welle, Lingen (Ems), Germany, "Roundabout"

- HR 2, Frankfurt, Germany

- ju: Nai Radio, Magdeburg, Germany

- LORA 92.4, München, Deutschland "Musik der Kulturen: Global Sounds"

- MDR, Leipzig, Germany, „Take Five"

- NDR, Hamburg, Germany, „Play Jazz"

- Querfunk 104,8 FM, Karlsruhe, Jazz mit Prof. Wolf

- Radio Bielefeld, Germany, „Die Vinylbesessenen"

- Radio Bremen, Germany, Nordwestradio "Highlight"

- Radio Caprice,, BOSSA NOVA

- Radio Corax, Halle/Leipzig, Germany, „Planet Sounds"

- Radio Darmstadt, Germany, „Journey into Sound" + „Treffpunkt eine Welt"

- Radio Dreyeckland Freiburg, Germany, „Jazznews"

- Radio Lippeland, Lippstadt, Germany, „Soundtracks"

- Radio Okerwelle, Braunschweig, Germany, „Wundertüte" + „Mittagsjournal"

- Radio Ostfriesland, Aurich/Emden/Leer, Germany, „Jazz Corner"

- Radio RheinWelle 92,5 Wiesbaden, Germany

- Radio Unerhört, Marburg, Germany, „Jazz-Zeit: Neues vom Jazz"

- Radio Weser TV, Germany, „Der JW-Jazzpoint" + „GlobalRadio X-perience"

- Radio X, Frankfurt/Main, Germany, „Funky Fresh"

- Radio ZuSa, Lueneburg, Germany

- RBB Kulturradio Berlin, Germany, „Zeitpunkte"

- SR1 Europawelle, Saarbrücken, Germany

- SWOFI, Lubmin, Germany, Smooth Lounge webradio

- SWR 2, Baden-Baden, Germany, "Morgenjournal", „Dschungel", „Musik Spezial"

- UniRadio Berlin, Germany, „Planet Sounds"

- Wüste Welle, Tübingen, Germany, „Libresso"

- Alooga, Ottic-FM, Bonn, Germany, Trend-Radio

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