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Creativity, that special spirit and a lot of empathy ...

Douglas & Hauser are an experienced production-team

for Pop and Jazz with writers and musicians in the UK and Europe:

Paul Douglas, Birmingham/UK - piano, trombone, vocals, lyrics

Gunter Hauser, Karlsruhe/D - keyboards, programming, sound, lyrics

Derek Crehan, Nottingham/UK - guitars, bass, lyrics

There is a very special sound quality in the productions of Spirit'n'Jazz

being recorded, mixed and mastered at tutto vanità studio.

These CDs are handled as a reference material

at Sommer-Cable for audiophile listeners.

You can listen to some clips and AB them to any

production - you will be surprised

But first you could discover

the possibilities of tutto vanità studio

for recording,


and mastering

Contact:  >>> studio @ DHRecords.com