Most of the time mastering is all about maximum sound pressure. And to achieve that all the life is squeezed out of the music. As a result everything sounds stressed, urged and sometimes even flat. There is no depth or dimension in such a sound picture.

Focused on sound

A good mastering needs precious experience and a careful application of appropriate measures for each individual track.

EQ-work is most important to get a clear and distinct sound picture. A little compression, whether digital or analogue, can bring things together and create more intimacy.

A dimensional sound picture created in a careful mixing has to be protected and supported - in contact with the mixing engineer ...

Dynamics are life

Constant loud music at the same level is nothing but boring in the long run. Fresh and vibrant dynamics are needed to show enthusiasm and emotion. And they are really needed for a good sound. The need for dynamics and level staging in recorded music has to be rediscovered.

No matter whether we use digital or analogue tools, whether it is New York or London, the most important thing is just the result in terms of sound.

If you want to have an example of the extraordinary high quality of sound mastering at DH Records please have a listen to Spirit'n'Jazz or Jonathan Boettcher's acoustic CD. And you will surely notice: we are aiming for the best sound possible.

An AB comparison to the sound of your favourite records will reveal the quality.

And this sound comes at fair rates, as onlinemastering or personal sessions - or together with professional mix advice.

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sound mastering

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