Mixing is a creative art and it can be much more than just putting things into an order.

To mix signals to a certain sound picture takes a lot of experience and there are many secrets behind a good sound.

Today it's the era of plugins and most of them are looking very good. There is a big hype about recreating all the old tools. "It sounds like a real recording", seems to be highest praise.  A recording like we heard it decades ago. But that's the sound of yesterday.

Dynamics !

Today a recording can really sound much better. Technology has developed in a big way. The potential for dynamics is significantly higher - but we have to use this in the right way. With carefully selected tools and a good knowledge of how to use them we are now able to create a dimensional sound picture, which is worlds apart from what we were used to hear.

Dimensional sound picture

In a transparent sound picture you can listen to each and every instrument individually instead of tolerating just a loud sound cluster. You can feel the depth of the room and nearly see where single instruments are placed. The voice is jumping out to you instead of being buried in cluttered sound layers. Drums and percussions have fast transients and everything sounds easy and relaxed instead of stressed and pushed against the wall.

Please have a listen to clips from Spirit 'n' Jazz or Jonathan Boettcher, recorded, mixed and mastered by Gunter Hauser at tutto vanità studio.

AB them to your favourite records and to latest Top 10 productions - you will be very surprised about the sound picture achieved here, even in an mp3 format.

Reference material

Sommer Cable is using the CDs from Spirit'n'Jazz as reference material for audiophile hifi listeners.

This sound can also be created for your production at tutto vanità studio or in cooperation with Gunter Hauser at any studio of your preference.

There are many options from online mixing to personal mixing sessions. And we have special offers for independent artists.

Contact:  >>>  studio[?]dhrecords.com

dimensional mixing

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