Independant advice for 

church PA installation

Reinforcing speech is most important for a church PA. But it should be capable of doing more...

It should also be ready to handle music, singing groups, drama, readings to music, your children's musical and, not least these days, the band...

It should complete your church-environment and be at reasonable costs...

Here is the solution for your PA needs.

We offer you qualified advice, which is not motivated by sales.

Gunter Hauser is an ordained minister, sound technician, producer of several CDs and a church-musician for many years. Together with his partner Paul Douglas he has put together a consulting text for church PA, which you can download free here

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Individual advice:

Churches are very different in architecture as well as in size and in the materials of the reflecting surfaces. Therefore each room has got it's own acoustics. And there are a huge number of capable sound systems on the market. But there is no universal concept suiting all church rooms.

Here you get individual advice for your church room and  your demands with full control of the costs and without provisions from manufacturers or retailers.

On the basis of your acoustics and your demands we are selecting suitable tools and create a whole concept for your PA system.

You can simply ask for an offer via email to:

> Paul Douglas  (please add the @)

This advice can consist of:

- On-site consultation in your church

- Individual PA-concept

- Detailed list of tools

- Installation plan

- Call for bids and comparison

- Technical controlling

- Optimisation of sound adjustments

You can order all these points individually. The costs of this advice will be balanced by controlling the tools and their costs. You get highest quality in church PA and acoustics at very fair prices. And this is an independent advice without any bonds to manufacturers or retailers.

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