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Criticism of the financial system by Spirit'n'Jazz

The aggravation of the situation on the financial market was already recognized and discussed by the musicians in March 2008 - more than half a year before the crash of November 2008.

The musicians' discussion on "Treasure" centered on the following points:

- Profit maximization at any price and in any area.

- Social concerns are neglected or deliberately ignored.

- People's trust in each other is fading because everyone knows that the other person is only concerned with maximizing profits.

- Without mutual trust, however, not even monetary transactions work, as can be seen in the banking crisis of 2008.
Therefore the system of "more and more" is doomed to failure.

Spirit'n'Jazz point to the fundamental question, "Where is your treasure, where is your heart?" Can you see that money is not treasure? Can you feel that the true treasure is in love, in justice, and in spiritual eternity ...?

Part of the concept of the "Spirit'n'Jazz" project is to be inspired by the wisdom of the great world religions. What is interesting about the topic of finances is the broad agreement of many religions, which repeatedly warn against the accumulation of large sums of money.

As with all the pieces on the CD "Can you see...?", Spirit'n'Jazz have chosen quotes from the Bible and the Koran to inspire discussion for the piece "Treasure". These quotes can be found here:

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