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November 2008: After being twice on No.1 at "World´s Cool Jazz" in Florida for 27 weeks Spirit'n'Jazz is now presenting a CD single online and for free - according to the theme of the piece!

The single track "Treasure" was created in March 2008 and it is well on the theme of speculative operations and the acute international situation.

Musically this is a Jazz-Pop crossover featuring Leyla Tugal on vocals and being suitable for Jazz- and Pop-programs alike. At the radio station QFM Tenerife/Spain this track jumped on No.1 spontaneously (3rd of November 08).

Treasure:    >>>    mp3  clip 128 kBit/s   

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ISRC: GB CUS 09 27103 / LC: 20023

The ideas behind this track are at least a thousand years older. Continuing from the CD >Can you see…?< there are quotations from books of world religions to provide some discussion to the theme of the music:

Bible: Matthew 6,19-24; 1 Timothy 6, 6-10

Koran: 2:275-279;  Hz. Mohammed: "Wealth is by contentment"

Quotations in text form: TreasureScripts.pdf

With their CD "Can you see...?" (2007) Spirit'n'Jazz have collected acknowledgement and good reviews worldwide.

all Reviews  pdf

The track "Yule Tied" has been on No.1 at World´s Cool Jazz" in Florida in Summer 2008 and is now amongst the all time favourites of chilled jazz. In the same period "Time with Laura" has been on No.6 at QFM Tenerife/Spain for three months. And the CD "Can you see…?" is in the program of about 77 radio stations from Australia to California.

Treasure inbetween has appeared on the second album from Spirit'n'Jazz, "Where are you?"

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This CD has been recorded using high quality Sommer Cable   >>>

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