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After the first CD from Spirit'n'Jazz "Can you see…?" had  achieved critical acclaim and some high radio rotations as well as five No. 1s (Radio QFM Tenerife + World´s Cool Jazz in Florida), there was a lot of pressure for the next production.

Because All About Jazz in Italy had titled their review "Jazz goes Pop goes Jazz" it was logical to give the new CD a very high standard of studio production whilst, at the same time, retaining the improvisational style of the music. The two pre-releases from the new CD "Where are you?": "Treasure" and title track "Where are you?" spontaneously went into the Top 10 of QFM Tenerife (No. 1+ 2).

This CD is not just an elitist programme for intellectuals only. In terms of coolness the tracks have got down to earth qualities. These musicians are playing in a free, relaxed and improvised way as if music was the most important thing in the world - which it really is.

"Music gives a soul to the universe… - Plato" to quote from the booklet to "Where Are You?" by Spirit'n'Jazz.

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All tracks can be found on the major platforms: i-Tunes, Spotify, Amazon, Napster, Deezer ... Here on Spotify:   >>>

And inbetwean the CD „Can you see...?" is available in a remastered version.

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Track previews:

  1  Where are you?

  2  A Life in 4 Minutes

  3  Treasure

  4  So You Got Hope

  5  Two

  6  Savona

  7  Life Dance

  8  Bless Me

  9  Duality

10  Miss Me

11  Received             

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Track previews:

  1  Yule Tied           

  2  China Sunrise

  3  Can you see...?

  4  Time with Laura

  5  Melkbosstrand

  6  Information Politics

  7  Voice of Reason

  8  Sunset Spirit 

  9  Never Enough

10  Do you feel it?

11  Dad and I             

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Where are you?  >>>


Savona  >>>


Miss Information  >>>


Turn Around  >>>


Freedom >>>