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The name Spirit'n'Jazz is as much a concept, as it is a name. In the booklets of the CDs >Can you see…?< and >Where are you?< there are quotes from different world religions and philosophies to accompany each track. In this way commonalities between different cultures are emphasized and brought to the fore; and this happens in a typical jazzy, relaxed way.

This cross cultural contribution has already caused some discussion. Readings from the Quran during Spirit'n'Jazz concerts at the time of terror attacks have been a point for irritation for some and have led to concerts being cancelled. Nevertheless the CD has been played by radio stations in New York and all over the USA. At World´s Cool Jazz in Florida tracks from the CD >Can you see…?< have been in the top 10 of their charts for 30 months. (June 08 - Dec. 10).

But these tracks are not pointless. With "Treasure" the band has foreseen the financial crisis six months before the crash of the stock market in 2008 and have clearly criticised capitalistic behaviour. This track went straight to No.1 at QFM Tenerife and there was a radio interview on Deutschlandradio Kultur in November 08.

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Special track to the

Oecumenical Kirchentag Munich 2010:

So you got hope >>>

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