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Before Leyla Tugal walks into the studio to record vocals on a new track from Spirit'n'Jazz, the piece has neither melody nor finished lyrics. It is just an improvised instrumental inspired by a theme which has come to the musicians following discussions on topics which concern them.

Leyla then listens to the music, gets into the feel of it whilst also thinking about the content of the theme. Then she starts singing and she improvises in her own sensitive way to create melody and lyrics.

This is the process which creates the musical pieces from Spirit'n'Jazz. Each musician contributes what he or she is feeling. The results sound both organic and natural. Flowing tracks ranging between New Jazz and Pop with influences from Lounge, Latin and Blues conveying social, spiritual and ethical themes into rhythmic and melodic emotions.

Richard J. Evans, Guildford/UK - dr

Paul Douglas, Birmingham/UK - trb

Leyla Tugal, Baden-Baden/Germany - voc

Derek Crehan plays a virtuoso guitar and is never afraid of making a comment. He is very serious about chords and scales… as well as spiritual backgrounds

Richard Evans on drums plays in a style somewhere between sensitive sound painting and fusion.

Paul Douglas plays a very smooth trombone, which gives a restful counterpoint to the sometimes wild statements of his fellow musicians.

The musicians from the UK, Germany and Turkey know each other very well both musically and socially. They have been working together for ten to fifteen years.

Gunter Hauser on piano freely improvises without resorting to clichés; this, despite his classical Bach-influences.

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Derek Crehan, Nottingham/UK - gt, bs

Gunter Hauser, Kraichtal/Germany - pn


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