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- Songwriting 22 ! - Peace

The DH Records Songwriting-Seminar has got 20 years of tradition and some references: participants have made it to the Paul McCartney Academy Liverpool or the Pop-Academy Mannheim. Others won competitions or produced their own CD after attending the seminar.

You don't have to be a professional musician to take part in this seminar.  Many have written their first song here.  We like to work „learning by doing".  There will be tutorials for song arrangement and chords etc., before everybody starts writing.  We are ready to support you, if you like.  And the special thing also for advanced songwriters is the inspiring atmosphere, the cooperation and that every song gets recorded straight away.  The mixes will be published on our website later on.  Impressions from the recent seminars you can find here: www.dhrecords.com/EuS/SW19/SW19

We are confident that the seminar in 2022 can again be performed at Chateau du Liebfrauenberg/Goersdorf/F. Simultaneously we will set up an online network across Europe. We will provide seven tutors in order to maintain full attention to detail. And of course you can bring along your ideas or half-finished songs, to be developed and recorded !

And there is a hybrid concert in preparation, streamed live from Birmingham/UK, Bretten/D, Strasbourg/F and St.Gallen/CH.

Dates and details: www.dhrecords.com/e-NewsUK.html

Supported by the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung

- Sound !

Good tools can be bought or hired. Good sound has to be worked out. Seminars are essential to get a clear picture.

Sound !  1:  basics

Room acoustics, positioning of the speakers, microphones and how to use them, cables, monitoring, mixing desk, EQ, effects and a bit of mixing ... - here comes all the necessary knowledge in a compact package.

Requirements: high interest in good sound.

Sound !  2:  advanced all day seminar

We are improving detail knowledge and we are practicing a lot of things: basic settings of the PA, different mic-positions, suitable EQ-settings, compression, effects and mix examples ...

Requirements: knowledge of the basics.

dates:  >>> www.dhrecords.com/e-NewsUK.html

- Recording

Recording tools have never been so affordable. Professional productions can be accomplished anywhere. You just need to know how.

Recording 1: "Basics"

All you need to know to set up your own recording studio: audio-computer and interface, configuration of a DAW, bits and bytes, software, plugins, microphones, mixing desk or preamps, room acoustics, cables, monitoring ...

Requirements: high interest in good sound and recording techniques

Recording 2: Advanced all day seminar  "Sound !"

The second seminar is all about details, which are very important for a good sound in the mix. From the first recording to signal improvements and up to the final mix. 

Requirements: Knowledge about the recording basics.

dates:  >>> www.dhrecords.com/e-NewsUK.html

- Stereo-Mixing

The Mix - whether live or in the studio - is a very creative process in order to form the final sound. You cannot fix everything that has gone wrong in the signal chain, but presuming everything's ok, you are under control here.

We are mixing pre-recorded signals and we will check out all the processing in detail: EQ, compression, effects, routing, stereo imaging, bass, transparency ...

Requirements: high interest in good sound, advanced knowledge of the basics.

dates:  >>> www.dhrecords.com/e-NewsUK.html

- Sound Advice

If you need a quality sound for your band, your PA or your installation you can book on-site sound advice.  A high quality sound is the basis for good final results. And this is where experience is required.

The individual correction of room acoustics is a factor that can change the quality of your productions dramatically even though it's low-maintenance!

Inquiries:  advice[?]dhrecords.com

- On-site Recordings

High quality recordings of your concert or your performance with local bound instruments are available. This can be combined with a following studio mix, CD-mastering and CD-production. Studio information here:  studio >>>

Inquiries:  studio[?]dhrecords.com

The tutor:

Together with his international project "Spirit'n'Jazz" Gunter Hauser has achieved worldwide airplays and No.1-positions and Sommer-Cable is attesting his productions a reference sound quality. Gunter Hauser is revealing his secrets in these seminars!

Over twenty years of experience - in live-sound and recording as well as in teaching at school - guarantee a high teaching standard.


You can book every seminar to be performed on-site in your venue.

Contact:  seminars[?]dhrecords.com

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