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Freedom by Spirit'n'Jazz

„... Truth will set you free". Jesus in John 8,32

With their single Freedom, Spirit'n'Jazz once again address a topical issue. While many rulers use the word freedom and send people to war, Spirit'n'Jazz spread a different message:

Freedom can never be gained through the use of weapons or violence. War destroys every kind of freedom.

Jesus emphasizes the connection between truth and freedom. Truth sets the spirit free, and that is true freedom.

The French Revolution, after a great storm of deadly violence, realized that liberty can only exist together with equality and fraternity. This is great wisdom.

All religions are very cautious when it comes to freedom. Freedom is often misunderstood and interpreted selfishly. But my freedom ends where someone else's freedom begins.

The quote from Jesus is the only word he said about freedom. He cannot be considered a freedom fighter. As far as his way of life is concerned, love is much more important than freedom. And the love that Jesus speaks of makes everyone free.

Musically, Spirit'n'Jazz try to express spiritual freedom without playing free jazz. The melody is characterized by harmony and the soundscape is full of love. So relax and listen to the music while contemplating the cover picture, which shows a sunrise in the Mediterranean bay of Savona in Italy.

At first, Derek Crehan improvises on his guitar in his own space, while his bandmates congenially support his playing. When Paul Douglas joins him later on with his smooth trombone, it sounds like something from another world. But they soon complement each other and prove that this unusual combination can be a perfect match.

"Spirit'n'Jazz" are a European project that improvises music on current issues. The CDs "Can you see...?" and "Where are you?" have been played on over a hundred radio stations from Australia to California and reached several No.1 placements.

Over dinner, the musicians talk about themes from social, political, ethical and spiritual perspectives. Then they pick up their instruments and improvise. This results in pieces that continue the content of the conversations on a musical and emotional level.

As with all of their works, Spirit'n'Jazz have chosen quotes from world-religions and philosophies to inspire discussion.

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Derek Crehan - guitar, bass

A. Paul Douglas - trombone

Gunter Hauser - piano

Richard J. Evans - drums

Production: Gunter Hauser


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