Miss Information by Spirit'n'Jazz

„Three things can not hide for long: the Moon, the Sun and the Truth." - Buddha

With their single
Miss Information Spirit'n'Jazz once again put their finger on a very topical issue and cleverly play on the temptation of lies and conspiracy theories.

Miss Information is working in every department. That makes it so difficult to distinguish her messages from the truth. Her news is alluring and attractional.

Since Schopenhauer, it has been taught that it is more important to be right than to tell the truth. And even in Systemics it is taught that there is no truth, only different points of view. And then we are surprised when we live today in a post-truth society where the liar gets rewarded.

"Spirit'n'Jazz" are a European project that improvises music on current issues. The CDs "Can you see...?" and "Where are you?" have been played on nearly a hundred radio stations from Australia to California and reached several No.1 placements.

Over dinner, the musicians talk about current issues from social, political, ethical and spiritual perspectives. Then they pick up their instruments and improvise. This results in pieces that continue the content of the conversations on a musical and emotional level.

As with all of their works Spirit'n'Jazz have chosen quotes from world-religions and philosophies to inspire discussion for the track "Miss Information".

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Miss Information

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