„The delightfully innocent vocal style of Leyla Tugal" was compared with Astrud Gilberto (the Jazz-singer from the sixties with the global hit The Girl from Ipanema) by experienced jazz programmer Alan Olmstead in Florida. This is a very special compliment for a young singer and Leyla Tugal has worked consistently for this success.

After some No.1 and Top 10 placements in radio charts in Florida and Tenerife, Leyla has just released her second CD together with Spirit'n'Jazz. With 75 radio stations from Australia to California playing her tracks she is getting worldwide publicity. Currently, there are radio interviews concerning the project in San Francisco, Gresham, Amsterdam and Sydney, with Denver, New York and Sevilla in the pipeline.

This did not come easy to Leyla. At the age of 13 she left her family to go her own way. Her voice and her personality received some early interest.  As a child she has been on stage with a gospel choir and with professional artists in her home town Baden-Baden. In 2002 she took part in a youth arts competition and won a scholarship from the Zonta-Club, a ladies club supporting young women. Leyla received access to professional vocal training, which she used well for her development.

Unconvenient production style:

When she was invited in 2007 by experienced musicians form the UK and Germany for recordings to the first CD of Spirit'n'Jazz, Leyla dovetailed with the music. But there was nothing prepared for her.  When she came into the studio there were no lyrics on the paper, no composed melody and especially there was no vocal coach to tell her how to sing or what would be expected.  All she found was improvised instrumental music with contextual themes.  She was asked and allowed to create her own contributions. This was just the right challenge for Leyla.

With her near supernatural empathy she sensed the backgrounds of the music and spontaneously improvised her own melodies and text parts to the pieces.  Diving into the atmosphere she transformed the instrumentals into jazzy ballads. On the first CD in 2007 she sang in three songs, now she is in the centre of the project with seven songs on the new album Where are you?

Bridges between different cultures:

Leyla has Syrian-Turkish origins and was raised in a Muslim family. Without malice to Islam she was baptised in a Catholic church at the age of 16.  These days she is interested in Hinduism.  All these influences she brings into the Spirit'n'Jazz project. In the booklet of the CD there are quotations from different world religions and cultures to emphasize commonalities. So Leyla is the perfect face for this venture.  The worldwide interest is often combined with the attention to the intercultural side of her personality.


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