The Story of a

Songwriting Team

The music-link between the cities of Birmingham/UK and Kraichtal/D is an international song-writing partnership which proves that music unites.

Paul Douglas and Gunter Hauser met in 1993 at an international song-writing conference near London. They worked together by chance when Paul was doing a brass-section to a song of Gunter.

One year later at another conference they decided to work together more frequently and together with Andy Callin, Richard Evans, Derek Crehan and Katherine Nelson they started a band called >Paul Douglas And The Vision Crew<. They recorded the CD >Field of Vision< and toured in the UK and Germany.

Until then Paul had a solo career having studied music in England. He had played alongside various musicians including members of the "Housemartins" and "Everything But The Girl", who were studying at the same University.

Gunter had been developing his own song-writing and his own studio and was frequently playing with different bands.

In 1996 the second production >Free Some Day< followed under contract of Brother Records, Germany.

And in 1999 >It Is Time< was recorded under the name of Douglas & Hauser and as the very first production of DH Records, which they had just started.

With >eternal< (2004) the two songwriters were delivering extraordinary quality in lyrics, music and sound.

Meanwhile they moved into Jazz a bit with the project "Spirit'n'Jazz" and they are working on a European culture project called "Europe Spirit".

Gunter is always busy in his

Tutto Vanità Studio

doing recordings, mixes and masterings for various artists. And additionally Douglas & Hauser are  producing young talents.


Paul Douglas / UK

Gunter Hauser / D

Paul Douglas & Gunter Hauser

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