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Musicians from all over Europe are working together for peace.

One day before the terror attacks in Paris in November 2015 a song for peace got recorded by Jonathan Boettcher.  Nobody had expected that this song would become so up-to-date on the next day.

In between there are versions in German, French,  English, Dutch, Italian, Swiss German, Norwegian, Hebrew … and more are in the pipeline.

This song is arranged in the mood of sadness about all that violence happening in so many countries. People are killed, tortured, are on the run. And there is definitely no sense behind that.

With this song for peace the different artists want to build bridges. And they want to support the hope for peace. "Peace is strong!" is their conviction. The understanding that we are all God's children, and the will to start the peace process by yourself are the key elements of this song.

Three versions of this song are published on the CD "Lass Frieden werden" by Jonathan Boettcher at And as there shall be more versions in different languages this site will offer them all.

In songwriting seminars artists from different European countries are coming together cooperating on new songs for Europe. And these songs will be performed in concerts together with the song "Let Peace Be Strong"

Who is behind this project?

The production team Douglas & Hauser has met at an international songwriting seminar in the nineties. They have developed their partnership since 1993 between the UK and Germany. The Europe Spirit Project is a natural consequence of their work.

Their latest project "Spirit'n'Jazz" has been touching the theme of intercultural dialog and the CDs are getting played on many radio stations from Australia to California. More information >>>

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