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Jose Miranda

Comeback of a romantic latin singer:

José Miranda has been out with two CDs in the 90s and was seen on TV-shows in his home country Portugal.

He has got a heart for the poor and he decided to support street kids in Brasil. Together with some famous football players* he is collecting money in order to make poverty history.

His new song is talking about the big love he has finally found after travelling and searching around the world. This love he is now sharing.

The song >Lo Trovero< is a big emotional ballad recorded with international studio musicians in a huge arrangement. It has just been released as a beneficial CD.

You can order it at a price of 5 € / 6 $ / 4 £ plus postage. 1 € will be a donation towards Casa Pequeno Davi.

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Lo Troverò

tra paesi e città,

camminando come un vagabondo giro tutto il mondo,

per esplicare il mio amore.

Quell' amore, che poca gente sa dare

Vado in giro, fin ché lo troverò, lo troverò.

per la strada, camminando senza destino, e con ragione troverò,

qualch'uno che mi darà quell' ardore, e una strada infinita,

La percorrerò, come un matto io un giorno troverò, lo troverò, lo troverò

Girando, girando, ho trovato quella città con giardini e fiori musica ed Euforia,

Che allegria, a provato il mio cuore in quell' momento piango

come un matto, che pazzia.

per la strada...

Però dico a tutti, che ho trovato l'amore del mio cuore.

amore e tanta allegria,  l'amore, quell' grande amore.

per la strada…

© Text: Antonino Pennaforte, José Miranda / Musik: Antonino Pennaforte,

Gunter Hauser / GEMA / ISRC: GB-CUS-05-27158

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Cacau and José Miranda

José Miranda and Fernando Meira

This Projekt directly supports >Casa Pequeno Davi<, which is a home for street kids in Brasil. Infos directly at www.pequenodavi.org.br

In his action for street kids José Miranda is supported by:

- Cacau - VFB-Stuttgart

- Fernando Meira - VFB-Stuttgart

- Giovanni Trapattoni - Coach

- Miroslav Klose - Werder Bremen

- Jurica Vranjes - Werder Bremen

- Ivan Klasnic - Werder Bremen

- Neno - V.Guimaraes - Portugal

- Miroslav Zitnjak - Osjiek - Kroatien

- José Antonio - Bor. Mönchengladbach

- Miguel - CFZ- Zico RJ-Brasil

- Vado - Botafogo PB- Brasil

- Herbert Effenberger - Sport-Physiotherapist

- Rainer Ulrich - footballteacher

- Carlos Ribeiro - TV-Moderator Portugal

- Christian Gurtner - writer, Belo Horizonte/Brasil

- Edmund Becker - Chiefcoach, KSC Karlsruhe

DH Records Ltd.


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