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The Europe Spirit Songwriter-Concert 2022 was performed in parallel events at Strasbourg/F and Bretten/D with additional online contributions from Birmingham/UK, Liverpool/UK, St.Gallen/CH, Wissembourg/F and Acri/I.

The audiences at the events experienced local live performances as well as online contributions. The spirit at the seminar is always characterised by cooperation and team spirit, which know no national borders. This spirit comes across at the concert and is a cornerstone of peace.

The Europe Spirit Songwriting is conducted by Paul Douglas from Birmingham/UK and Gunter Hauser from Germany, who have been doing music projects and CD productions in cooperation with European partners since 1993.

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Europe Spirit Songwriting 2022 - Partners:

- Baden-Württemberg Stiftung Nouveaux horizons

- Stadt Bretten/D

- Evang. Kirchenbezirk Bretten-Bruchsal/D

- Chateau du Liebfrauenberg, Goersorf/F

- Conference of European Churches

- Konferenz der Kirchen am Rhein

- Josef-David-Stiftung, Wissembourg/F

- Evang.-ref. Kantonskirche St. Gallen/CH

- Jazz-Community-Church Birmingham/GB

- Temple Neuf Strasbourg/F

- Lions-Club Bretten-Stromberg/D

- Lions-Club Bruchsal/D

- Netzwerk "Heavenly Sounds" Pforzheim/D 

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